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I'm Back

Almost a year

Wow! It is hard to fathom that it has been almost a year since I ventured around in Geminispace. Things in my little world kind of went haywire about then and I guess my venture around the small web fell by the wayside. Sorry about that, but as they say things happen.

I am back now though.

Gemini Microblog

Last night, much to my surprise, I discovered a microblog in Gemini. I am not too sure how I feel about this. I tend to think that the microblog kind of social media is a large part of the problem with the web. Maybe I am a touch narrow minded, but it seems to me that things like Farcebork, Birdsite, the hairy elephant are the cause of a huge chunk of the crap that is going on in the web world. I have deleted all of my accounts over there except for one hairy elephant account. That account is checked once or twice a month for old times sake. I just can't take the step to delete the account. Sentimental old fool I guess.

After discovering this station (the Gemini equivalent of a microblog instance? I dunno, I am not quite sure of the nomenclature yet) I went ahead and signed in and now have a microblog again.

Now remember it has been almost a year since my last post... let's see if I remember how to make a link to it in Gemini.

My Gemini Microblog

Maybe it is this link, I dunno

I can't wait to see if that works.

Retirement Looming

I have finally figured out what I want to do when the boom drops and I am either unemployed or retired. Either happening is a very real prospect soon.

I am just going to keep doing what I do. I have been a professional woodworker for 40 years. I will just change from doing the hard work of cabinet making and venture into general woodworking and furniture making. The shop out back has been cleaned out and I have most of the tools I need to do the job already. Sure there will be more tools and some tweaking of the idea and changes to the goal.

With The Mrs retirement, my Social Security, and the woodworking side hustle combined with us getting debt free we should be ok. I doubt we will get ahead but we should be in the realm of the petit bourgeois. At least I hope so. I kind of like my pampered and spoiled lifestyle. ;-)

Near term

For the very short term I plan to regularly post to the gemlog and keep exploring in geminispace. Hopefully, I can meet some interesting folk and we can talk and become friends. After all, isn't this what all this internet stuff is really about-- meeting people. Let's talk

zap me an email

really I like getting email. Feel free to get in touch.

Chasing Simplicity

Chasing simplicity is an ongoing thing with me. Maybe it is my age, I am not sure, but I am simplifying my life. I want things simple and minimal. Everything I do online and off is a pursuit of a simple and minimal.

Someday I will get this all written down in detail but for now suffice it to say that one of the main reasons I am pursuing things in Geminispace, email, and RSS is because they are simple, minimal, and proven.


Well let me close for now. This post is more about getting my feet back in the water than quality. Talk to you later.


Gemini Feed

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the links on these pages are to sites using the gemini protocol. What that means is that instead of a link being https://example.com the link is gemini://example.com . To my knowledge no regular web browser works with the gemini protocol. Some browsers may have an extension for browsing gemini. Otherwise you will need a gemini browser to work the links.