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Four or five people in my life commit one of the, in my not so humble opinion, unpardonable sins of internet usage, THEY USE AN OVERABUNDANCE OF CAPITAL LETTERS IN EVERYTHING THAT THEY DO.


Since before there ever was an internet writing or typing all in caps was considered rude. Aside from the grammatical uses of capital letters like for proper nouns or starting sentences, capitals were odd and they drew attention. This is why newspaper headlines were all written in big and bold capital letters. Now I will say that this was nice of newspapers to do for people like me. We can skim the newspaper and see what they consider to be important and be somewhat informed even if we didn't read the paper.

When we get to the internet/computer age, one of the oldest bits of online ettiquette, otherwise known as netiquette, dictated that writing all in caps was considered shouting and as a result was rude. Moderators and webmasters had the right to ban you from a site for being rude.

I think we need to have an online etiquette police force! The plague of capital letters is growing by leaps and bounds. Years ago quite a few of us didn't even use capitals according to the grammatical rules and now it seems like this disease is taking over the intertubez.

Somebody please make it stop! Somebody pull the violators internet usage privileges.

Capital letters on a screen are hard to read

Most of these dunderheads are older folk who for some bizarre reason think that because capitals are bigger they are easier to read. I, too, am now one of the older folk and my eyesight is failing at age appropriate rates and I can tell you for a fact that writing everything in capitals makes them harder to read on a screen. All the capital letters are just little squares with lines. It is hard to read whole words written in caps much less entire essays or emails. Please stop doing it. What you believe is pure d bullshit.

If you are one of these dunderheads please up the font on whatever you are typing your manifesto to the world on to a font where you can read it and save the rest of us the agony of trying to figure out what you are trying to tell us. Putting the onus of labour on your readers is unfair to them. They probably did not choose to get a missive from you and now you are making them work for it. It is just not fair.

Somebody please make it stop!

Put space twixt your words

I have one regular correspondent that smushes all the words together in captials. Why? It was hard enough to read with it all being in caps to begin with and now you are pulling this too? What are you some sort of masochist?

Let me give you, dear reader, one small example of why this is annoying me so much. Take the word, as I received it: GODISNOWHERE. What the hell is that? Godi snow here? God is nowhere? God is now here?

Grow a clue people! the purpose of language is to covey your thoughts to another human being. Is you mind really that messed up? How are we supposed to figure out your meaning? Do we need to call a psychic or a psychiatrist? Come on! Think before you type! (Mind you this being said at the moment by a guy rage typing and not doing much thinking.)

Somebody make it stop! Please!

Not only capitals...

What is with the multiple symbols like exclamation points and question marks? Just a pet peeve, I know, but please, you are killing whole cyber rainforests just to make all of your damnable exclamation points.

I received this very day an email of less than a hundred words and in that email are *14* flipping exclamation points on *5* words. One of those words happens to be OHMYGOODNESSGRACIOUSME!!!!



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